Hookit sanding Disc 150MM P60 17.500OMR

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255 abrasive discs for eccentric sanders

The 3M™ Hookit™ 255P Paper Disc contains a 3M high-performance aluminium oxide abrasive offers a continuous cutting action. The abrasive blend has an anti-embossing coating to extend the life, whilst offering quality and consistent results. These are suitable for intermediate and final sanding applications.

High quality support ensuring a longer service life.
Disc firmly secured to its support.
Frecut treatment prevents premature clogging.
Longer service life, especially for fine grains.
For semi-finish to finishing on hard and soft woods, lacquered, painted and varnished woods, synthetic resins (corian, avonite) and plastics.

Outstanding Cutting Performance

The 255P disc contains an impressive abrasive blend that is capable for general purpose lightweight sanding. The blend offers a continuous cutting action and coupled with C-weight paper support, which aids the minerals for sustained cutting action and longer life. The 3M™ Hookit™ attachment allows the disc to be easily changed out simply and safely.

The 3M™ Hookit™ 255P Paper Disc is well-suited for intermediate and final sanding of solid or painted metal surfaces and plastic parts. The anti-embossed coating helps to extend the life and efficiency when working on persistent coatings and difficult primers.

Features and Benefits

Sustained cutting action from aluminium oxide abrasive with a longer life

Anti-loading coating for extended working life and good results

Use on a variety of surfaces effectively

Hookit™ system allows for a quick disc change simply and safely

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