Experience a quieter and a stress-free ride with 3M™ Acoustics Solutions

3M™ Acoustics Solution Treatment

While you are driving do you hear the road or the radio?

We experience very high noise levels on the roads these days leading to high  stress levels. To add to that, driving at high speeds can also cause loud vibrations.

The 3M™ Acoustics Solution treatment involves the installation of Vibration  Dampeners, Sound Absorber and the Noise Sealing Tape.

Discover a quieter and a stress-free ride by installing the 3M™ Acoustics  Solutions. It cuts off the road noise significantly and resolves vibrations at varying engine speeds and in challenging weather conditions. The compressible and flexible layers also provide excellent thermal insulation. The 3M™ Acoustics Solutions treatment is water-resistant, thus reducing the chances of mold, mildew, corrosion and odors.

Make a sound decision, experience the benefits

3M™ Acoustics Solution

  • Provides better sound quality
  • Gives you a quieter and lighter ride
  • Application on doors to instrument panels and from trunks to headliners
  • Reduces air-borne noise

3M™ Absorbers

  • Nonwoven blown micro-fibres and staple fibres
  • Enables better and efficient noise absorption
  • Reduces air-borne noise

3M™ Vibration Control Dampening Tape

  • Constrained layer visco-elastic material with a stiff outer retaining aluminum
  • Vibration dampening

3M™ Acoustics Solutions – Makes all the difference

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