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3M Perfect-It DA Glazing Pad

The 3M Perfect-It DA Glazing Pad is specifically designed for applying glazes and other auto body finishes using D/A sanders and polishers. Convoluted foam face provides more cushion than flat foam and distributes pressure evenly across curved surfaces and body lines for consistent application. Long, soft ‘fingers’ in the foam spread the glaze. Hookit attachment makes change-outs fast and easy.


  • For use with 6” dual action sanders and polishers
  • Specifically designed for application of finishing polishes, waxes and glazes
  • Convoluted foam face distributes pressure evenly across flat or contoured surfaces
  • Tiny foam ‘fingers’ provide consistent glaze distribution and sand scratch removal
  • 3M Hookit attachment system makes for fast, easy changeouts
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