Gloss enhancer 5 gallon 83.000OMR
Body shop clean-up glass cleaner 5 gallon 104.000OMR

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3M™ Engine and Tire Dressing restores that “like-new” look on rubber, plastic and vinyl components on cars, trucks and vans. Our dressing refreshes the original deep black appearance on tires, hoses and rubber moldings. It removes film and grime to deepen the color of vinyl and plastic. This water-based silicone emulsion formula produces a clean, uniform appearance with a medium gloss shine. Auto detailing professionals rely on our engine and tire dressing for updating the visual appearance of vehicles. It is highly recommended for anyone who takes pride in the appearance of their automobile. Renewing the aesthetic appearance of vehicles can often boost the resale value of used cars.

  • Refreshes the appearance of rubber, plastic and vinyl
  • Deepens the black color of tires, hoses and moldings
  • Renews the color of plastic and vinyl
  • Easy-to-apply formula
  • Water-based silicone emulsion is gentle on rubber
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