Microfine abrasive Grit P2000 3M09546 0.250OMR
Softedge masking foam 3M09678 12.250OMR

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3M™ Dry Guide Coat 09560 is a dry powder used to highlight surface imperfections and sand scratches prior to finishing with abrasives. The 3M™ Dry Guide System is a revolutionary method for applying a guide coat to a repair area. This system offers considerable advantages over current working practices. In particular, ease of use and achieving a better quality job every time. Includes 1 x black cartridge, 50g 3M™ Dry Guide Coat 09560 for use with Applicator 09561 Contains no solvents Requires no masking Gives total coverage of surface Applicator requires no cleaning Ideal for both wet and dry sanding systems

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